Sea Dart -the Vital Statistics.

Mod 0
Attack Speed 1370-2740mph
Maximum Range 80,000yards
Maximum Altitude 70,000ft
Fuze Type Non-coherent Pulse Range Gate
Warhead Type Continuous Rod
Explosive content 73Kg
Sustainer motor Odin ramjet
Booster motor Chow
Missile Length 4.4m
Missile Diameter 0.420m
Wing Span 0.9m
Weight 544Kg
Cost £41,000

When Sea Dart entered service there seemed to be confusion over the warhead type, there being statements that it was a fragmentation round, or an 'externally grooved fragmentation warhead', and one former colleague who worked on the missile confidentially told me that it was a continuous rod warhead but made of Terylene rather than steel. I have been able to establish that Sea Dart carried the K27A1 continuous rod warhead with conventional steel rods. Oddly enough the warhead did contain Terylene, as a binder for the TNT/RDX mix.

Sources: National Archives DEFE 13/558, ADM 333/16 & /19

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