-Britains first operational anti-tank guided missile.

Manufacturer and Designation Vickers-Armstrong V891 Vigilant
Function ATGW
Attack speed 204 feet/sec
Maximum range 1375m
Maximum altitude N/A
Guidance Command Guidance
Fuze type Contact
Warhead type HEAT
Warhead explosive content 6kg
Missile length 1·072m
Missile diameter 0·130m
Wing span 0·279m
Project start date 1956
Service entry date 1963

Notes: Vigilant was the first missile to incorporate velocity control, after making a course correction the operator released the joystick and Vigilant returned to flying directly away from the launcher. Vigilant was removed from service when Swingfire was introduced.
Damage assessment trials tend to indicate that Vigilant was not very effective against Main Battle Tanks.

Sources: TNA: WO 194/596.

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