Submarine rules.

This section is liable to change as play-testing is required.

Submarines have at least 2 hull compartments and are AC 5; torpedo tubes, gun and damage control costs are as normal.  Speed costs 10 points for every knot over 20 surfaced and every knot over 8 submerged. The submarine player deploys 5 markers for each submarine, one real and 4 decoy.  The gap between any two markers in a set of five may not exceed 1 mile.
Submarines can be surfaced, awash (just the conning tower visible), periscope depth or deep.  The gun cannot be fired unless surfaced, torpedoes cannot be fired from 'deep'.  Submarines surfaced or awash can be engaged by gunfire or rammed; submerged submarines can only be attacked by depth-charging.  In any move a submarine can change 1 depth level -but surfaced and awash are treated the as same depth level.
Surface ships' ASDIC has a range of 2 miles.  Each turn any ship within ASDIC range of a submarine marker can 'ping' it.  The player rolls 1D6 and consults submarine table 1; if the given score is beaten then the submarine operator rolls 1D6 on submarine table 2.  When a positive result is gained the submarine player places a 'real' tag on the marker even if it is a decoy.
To make a depth-charge attack the ship must cross the submarine's track in the same half-move, the attacker uses submarine table 3.  If a hit is made, the submarine player determines the effect on submarine table 4.
When a submarine fires its torpedoes a torpedo (TF) marker is placed on it; the submarine player secretly rolls a D6 for each decoy and places a TF marker on it if a 6 is rolled.

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