Regiment Games -Royal Navy Landing Party command packs.

I recently ordered a pack each of the two RN Landing Party command sets from Badger Games of Milwaukee WI, and they have now reached this side of the Atlantic. The figures are cleanly moulded with little flash (especially when taking the age of the moulds into account) and only needed a little attention with a needle file. The poses are good, although one officer appears to be practicing his dance steps. With two exceptions the figures are armed with pistols, and a couple are also wielding Very pistols. The exceptions are one PO with a Thompson, which is fine, and another has a Bren gun. Whilst landing parties did get issued with Brens it was at a late stage in the war, and by that time Navy Blue battledress was being issued. A small negative is that two of the POs don't have webbing. However, I am very pleased with these figures, and they will soon be leading my landing party into action.
As for the Bren toting PO; I'm in the process of converting that figure, he will be carrying a Boys Anti-Tank rifle into the fight.

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